The easiest way

to monitor and dispatch your vehicles

We give you the power and performance of a complete fleet management system by making it affordable for all businesses no matter how big or small you may be. You will gain a new level of control over your vehicles, drivers and fleet operating costs no matter where you are around the world.
Our fleet management system is a fraction of the cost compared to our nearest competitors, without compromising on reliability, quality or customer service.

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GPS tracking

benefits & savings

ForwardSlash GPS fleet tracking solution sets the standard for excellence and performance. We are committed to providing fleet operators everywhere with the highest quality product no matter what type of vehicle – buses, boats, cars, trucks, vans etc. Through continuous updates to all platforms and infrastructure, ultimately passed on as cost-efficiencies saving to your investment.

ForwardSlash GPS systems provides a wealth of functionality including;

• Live tracking
• Driver behaviour
• Route Management
• Trip history
• Security on vehicles
• Geofencing – Reporting

Improve your safety

on the road

Fleet monitoring with ForwardSlash GPS tracking system identifies a number of points in regards to safety. One being dangerous worker behaviour – speeding, hard acceleration/braking in real time. Fleet Operators can be alerted to this behaviour in real time, thus discouraging future attempts at such behaviour.

Secondly, live GPS tracking also easily locates vehicle breakdowns, keep your drivers safe by knowing where they are & where to send help if they are in difficulty.

Discover advanced

GPS tracking features

GPS vehicle tracking

We offer the best professional tool for GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management. Using Google maps, advanced reporting, and intelligent analysis.
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CANbus data reading

Modern trucks implement an electronic data communication protocol called CANBus/J1939. We have options for CANbus installations.
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Integrated Systems

We have solutions beyond tracking and navigation, from driver identification and authentication to the ability to integrate with own CMS.
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Complete fleet

management solution

Competition within the transport business is high and oil prices are still rising. The solution for profitability is to know how everything works, to drive more efficiently than the competition. ForwardSlash GPS’s offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for professionals in the efficiency of freight transport by fleet monitoring and tracking.

From all types of vehicles and equipment, ForwardSlash GPS tracking system can be installed not only in cars, trucks or vans but heavy machinery, cranes, graders, boats and much much more. Our GPS tracking system is not only used for tracking performance but for safety and knowing where your investments are 24/7.